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Glycerin Soap Formulas

Which Tamarinda soap formula is right for me?

We love glycerin soap so much, we offer 5 formulas! But how do you know which formula is perfect for your skin? We are experts in this type of soap and we're here to help.

I need a great soap for... REGULAR formulaSENSITIVE formulaOLIVE formulaCarrot Cucumber or Argan formulas
... for bathingxxxx
... for my facexx x x
... because my dermatologist recommend it
... for my extra dry skin

... if it's unscentedxxx x
... in 3 pound loavesxx x x
... that is paraben freexxxx
... that is SLS and SLES (sulfate) freexx
... that is proplyene glycol free
...contains antioxident essential oilsx 100% Vegan and Cruelty Freexxxx
REGULAR FORMULA: Our most popular glycerin soap formula! Made using coconut and palm oils, this formula has a high glycerin content and excellent moisturizing - making this soap very mild and hydrating for most skin types. If you enjoy the beautiful transparency, colors and scents of glycerin soap, our Regular formula is the perfect choice for most people. By the bar, or 3 lb. loaf.

SENSITIVE FORMULA:This additive-free formula is sulfate free and is a must have for those with allergies, skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, rosacia, etc), or a sensitivity to traditional soap additives. These substances is the soap for can cause irritation to some people. If you are seeking to eliminate these substances from your soaps and personal care products, this formula is right for you!
OLIVE FORMULA: Tamarinda's Olive formula glycerin soap is made using 20% olive oil, along with palm and coconut oils. The addition of olive oil in making this formula make it our most hydrating and emollient soap. Sold as individual 5.25 oz. rounds, or in the 3 pound loaf, our Olive soap is uncolored and unscented. Perfect for the face or for general bathing. Olive formula is by far our most popular facial soap.
CUCUMBER CARROT & ALOE or ARGAN OILS BASED: These specialty formulas are meant for dry, mature skin that could use some extra pampering. Carrot Seed and Cucumber Seed essential oils, along with soothing Aloe Vera are added for their antioxident an anti imflammatory properties. Argan oil, an amazingly light and healing oil is added for extra moisture. These 2 luxurious soap formulas clean gently and protect skin from stripping and drying.

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