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Eucalyptus - the go-to essential oil for cold, flu and allergy season!

Posted by Tina on 2/17/2015 to natural products
Eucalyptus - the go-to essential oil for cold, flu and allergy season!
Reach for eucalyptus essential oil when you're congested during cold and flu season!

When to choose sulfate free soap.

Posted by Karen, Guest Blogger on 2/3/2015 to glycerin soap
When to choose sulfate free soap.
The Sulfate Controversy - should you be concerned about the level of sulfates in your personal care products?

3 First Aid Essentials - Tea Tree Oil

Posted by Karen, Guest Blogger on 8/27/2014 to natural products
No first aid kit should be without Tea Tree Oil. It has been used for millennia as an antiseptic to cleanse cuts and burns.

3 First Aid Essentials - Cajeput Oil

Posted by Karen on 8/6/2014 to aromatherapy
The second essential oil in the Top 3 First Aid Essentials - Oil of Cajeput

3 First Aid Essentials (Oils)

Posted by Karen on 8/5/2014 to natural products
3 First Aid Essentials (Oils)
Learn about the 3 Essential Oils that are crucial to include in any first aid kit.

The healing power of glycerin soap - a case study

Posted by Tina on 10/19/2011 to glycerin soap
Here is an inspiring story about our glycerin soap, written by a real tamarinda customer - amazing!

What are the benefits of using glycerin soap?

Posted by Tina on 10/1/2011 to glycerin soap
Many customers ask me about the specific benefits of glycerin soap - especially after their dermatologist or doctor has recommended they start using it. So here is the answer to that question, along with a short primer on authentic soap vs. detergent soaps. Enjoy!

You can't give dogs chicken bones!

Posted by tina on 12/30/2009 to pet care

Turning my little dogs on to a natural raw diet was easy!

All big things start with a small idea.....

Posted by tamarindagirl on 10/5/2009 to about tamarinda
Watching Tamarinda grow from a dream to a reality...

What is "Real Soap" anyway?

Posted by tamarindagirl on 10/10/2008 to glycerin soap
What is the difference between 'real soap' and the stuff you by in the grocery store detergent aisle?  If you've used real soap, you probably don't need to read further.  But if you are still using your favorite grocery store brand along with moisturizers and creams, you may not know that there is another way to take care of your skin.