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All big things start with a small idea.....

Posted by tamarindagirl on 10/5/2009 to about tamarinda
Starting a business has been a dream of mine for years. I never did pursue it seriously, because my life was spent at stressful high-tech jobs, surrounded by stressful people, doing uninspiring things. Time off was spent recuperating from the week, and all creative juices had been squeezed out of me. Then after 20 years of bleeding, sweating and tearing at these companies, all it took was one last, truly awful boss, to unceremoniously cut me loose and set me free from more years of the corporate yoke. Even then, I knew I was one of the lucky ones!
It was at that precise time that my personal life was at it's absolute best. I had just met and fell in love with the man of my dreams, and little did I know that we would embark on a huge adventure together. Marraige, a company of our own, working together side by side, and sharing the excitement of building something together. And so Tamarinda was born.
Coincidentally, around this time, I couldn't buy my glycerin soap anymore. Since I was a teenager, I couldn't stand using grocery-store soap, and now my supplier of glycerin soap use had gone over to the dark side - they switched over to chemical laden body washes! In my new-found time off, I began my search to find some.  In the process I learned all about the benefits of natural soap, then decided to try making it myself.
I made my first batch of glycerin soap and.... not only was my soap great, it was leaps and bounds better that what I had been buying. Friends and family all agreed that it was the best soap they'd ever used. (Hmmm..... I wondered if my background in internet marketing would be of use?) 2 months later, I was in business, working on the website, making beautiful soap and loving every minute of it. For me it was such an exciting thing to create a product I believe in and use myself. Learning so much more about natural products vs. the toxic products we are used to using, awakened a passion for sharing what I now know about natural food, products, naturopathy and natural health. I remember getting a fortune cookie around that time that said "all big things start with a small idea" - how true.
Will our story will set the stage for future postings? My goal is to share what I've learned about soaps, fragrance, natural health, green living and all my favorite topics (some of which are dogs, life, love, getting older and Real Housewives of Orange County (just kidding) (maybe not). But most importantly, since starting tamarinda, I've been in awe of our fantastic customers - some of whom write us letters about their experiences using our soap and our fragrances. We hope this blog gives them a place to share their thoughts with all of us!
Hugs and good health to all who venture here, Tina & Enrique

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Sandra Doyle
Date: 4/30/2011 8:29:00 AM
The quality of Tamarinda products is so far beyond "grocery store soap" which, by the way, I would never use on my face, and scented oils are absolutely the best of the best. I am so happy you followed your dream and offer these exceptional products to those of us out here that want high quality. And, by the way- I like Real Housewives of Orange County, but Desperate Housewives is the absolute bomb!

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