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3 First Aid Essentials - Tea Tree Oil

Posted by Karen, Guest Blogger on 8/27/2014 to natural products
tea treeTea Tree Oil 

No first aid kit should be without Tea Tree Oil. It has been used for millennia as an antiseptic to cleanse cuts and burns. It is a proven antimicrobial and its use is increasing with the increase of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Tea Tree also treats fungal infections of the skin and nails (athlete‚Äôs foot) and cold sores. In addition, it is useful in treating acne, burns, and inflammation. It calms rashes from plant irritations such as poison ivy, poison oak and stinging nettle. 

Really, anything that might ail the skin, Tea Tree Oil can remedy. Tea Tree Oil can be applied directly to the skin, but is very strong. It should be diluted with a gel or carrier oil when used on irritated or sensitive skin. Studies have shown that Tea Tree Oil is a powerful acne treatment when used neat on lesions or when mixed with coconut oil or aloe vera gel.  Do you have Tea Tree Essential oil in your medicine cabinet?

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