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Sandalwood Reed Diffusers, Refills and Fragrance oils

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Tamarinda Sandalwood Reed Diffusers, Diffuser Refills & Fragrance Oil

Sandalwood, our earthiest, woodsiest scent, sensual and eternal.  And Sandalwood and not just for men - women love it too! We have 2 blends that are sure to appeal to your exotic side! Either one will provide 9+ months of fantastic scent to your home.
Sandalwood & amber -  More complex than a single note Sandalwood, rich Amber creates a lighter, breezier scent and lends exotic intrigue to any room.
Sandalwood vanilla  -  This blend balances the masculine, earthy sandalwood with a luxuriously feminine, spiced vanilla. The result? A truly unisex fragrance that calms & relaxes.  

Shop Sandalwood Reed Diffusers - choose a diffuser vase  & style for any of our 2 sandalwood blends, starting at $22.50 

Shop Sandalwood Reed Diffuser Refills - Tamarinda 6.5 oz.refills and fresh reeds will last a minimum of 9+ months!  $18.95

Shop Sandalwood fragrance oil - for potpourri, oil burners, etc.  $7.50

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Say 'no' to cheap imported diffusers that evaporate quickly and don't scent well!
  • Did you know that most cheap, imported diffusers contain only 10-15% fragrance oil - the rest is inexpensive diffusing solution? At Tamarinda, we use 50% fragrance oil in all of our diffuser products - that's 3x to 4x the fragrance oil found in most store diffusers.   
  • We select only the finest US-sourced fragrance oils to blend our unique and true-to-scent fragrances. The result is a very robust scent that provides effective and long-lasting scent dispersion.
  • In fact, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us for a full refund!
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