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Benefits of Glcyerin Soap?

benefits of using tamarinda glycerin soap

What are the benefits of using glycerin soap and why do dermatologists recommend it?

To understand the answer, we have to go back to how real soap is made.  By 'real soap', we mean soap that is made with natural vegetable oils, lye and no added detergents.  Most real soaps are made with coconut, palm and olive oils.  In authentic soapmaking, oils are mixed with sodium hydroxide (or 'lye').  This mix drives a wonderful molecular transformation called 'saponification' - a process by which a fat (i.e. the oils) are converted into soap.  During saponification, each lye molecule bonds with an oil molecule and makes soap.  A by-product of this process is glycerin, a clear, vegetable-based oil.  Vegetable glycerin is a powerful 'humectant' - a substance that draws moisture to it.  In fact, a glycerin soap bar, left out in a humid environment will actual become coated with tiny moisture beads - proof of its moisture drawing power.  When glycerin is left in the soap, it makes an incredibly gentle, mild and moisturizing cleanser. 

Unfortunately for us, most soap companies remove much of the naturally occurring glycerin and use it to make moisturizers, creams and other expensive beauty products.  The remaining soap is often amended by adding detergents or other chemical compounds that strip skin of moisture and oils.  Ironically, large commercial soap companies today sell you a bar of soap that strips your skin.  They then sell you the moisturizer or cream to replenish it!  So, it's not at all strange that glycerin soap users discover they can skip the expensive moisturizers - because their skin has never felt better!  If you suffer from super-sensitive skin, you may have already heard that dermatologists recommend glycerin soap to their patients for this very reason.  It has a silky, low-lather, is gently cleansing and contains no harsh detergents - it's exactly they way soap should be.

What is the difference between opaque soaps and glycerin soap?

The term 'glycerin soap' has come to mean the type of soap that is clear or transparent.  This is a bit of a misnomer.  In fact, all unadulterated real soap contains glycerin yet some are opaque and some are transparent.   All glycerin soaps start off as opaque, but when additional glycerin is added, it becomes transparent.  This additional step, of adding more vegetable glycerin to soap, not only adds even more moisturizing power, it also makes the soap beautifully translucent. 

Getting back to basics, using glycerin soap lets you avoid industrialized, chemical products...

The world is moving at an ever increasing pace.  In particular, the proliferation of chemicals in our products and foods, as well as the scaling of manufacturing technologies have been great at producing "soap" for the masses.  These detergent soaps are cheap and they clean, but at what cost?  The latest trend in personal care -  "Moisturizing body wash" - feels good and smells great.  But read the ingredients label - the list of chemical compounds they contain are unpronouncable! (Compare the ingredients of glycerin soap and body wash). Exposure to product and environmental chemicals are an assault on our bodies immune systems and result in a variety of adverse symptoms, sensitivities and ailments.   If you are concerned about this trend, then you have found your new glycerin soap company.  Tamarinda offers 4 glycerin soap formulas - we know we have one that is right for you.  Learn more about Tamarinda's 4 glycerin soap formulas.

Our passion is to create the most beautiful and beneficial glycerin soap products available.  We stand behind every bar and we want to be your soap company for life! 

Other glycerin soap benefits....

  • Glycerin soap for eczema, psoriasis and sensitivity to fragrance: Thousands of Tamarinda customers have reported improvement in these skin conditions after using glycerin soap. We make unscented bath bars and facial soaps just for these ultra-sensitive skin types.

  • Glycerin soap as a shampoo:  Use glycerin soap as a shampoo and you'll find it will leave your hair soft and smooth?  Scalp issues?  Some are simply caused by sensitivity to the chemical shampoo ingredients and are eliminated when using glycerin soap.  Dry scalp or forehead - shampoo with glycerin soap and it's gone!   We recommend our olive glycerin facial soap as a shampoo bar.

  • Glycerin soap save on expensive skin care products:  Large cosmetic brands would like you to believe that spending hundreds of dollars a year on cleansers, moisturizers and serums will turn back the clock.  All you really need is a natural soap. Making glycerin soap the basis of your simplified skin care regime will leave your skin clean and moisturized.  Even your dermatologist will agree!  Add  a daub of 100% shea butter or 100% Argan oil for drier complexions and your done - your skin (and your wallet) will love you for it!

  • Glycerin soap is great for Babies and kids:  Glycerin soap is also great for babies and children.  Yes, be careful around eyes, but it is better than a 'no more tears' formulation -  (did you know that 'no more tears' formulations contain an anesthetic??)

  • Glycerin Soap for Pets:  Pet skin is super-sensitive and most pet skin do not contain a high the level of natural oils.  Skip the chemical pet shampoos and wash your pet with glycerin soap - see our pet care section!

  • Glycerin Soap and burns or injured skin - read this incredible case study, written by an actual Tamarinda Customer.  This inspiring story means the world to us!

We're glad you found us.  Join the thousands who are experiencing the benefits of glycerin soap. 

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