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Glycerin Soap | Benefits

What is "glycerin soap"? Glycerin soap = Real soap!  By "real soap", we mean soap that is made with natural vegetable oils, lye with minimal or no added ingredients like detergents, parabens, preservatives or other chemical compounds.
Most soap, including glycerin soap starts with coconut and palm oils, although other oils like olive oil can be used.  During the soap-making process, the vegetable oils interact with lye and are transformed into soap, and glycerin.  
Glycerin is a vegetable oil and powerful 'humectent' - a substance that attracts and retains moisture. When the glycerin is allowed to remain in the soap, it makes a gentle and well balanced soap. When even MORE glycerin is added during the soap-making process, it creates a clear, transparent soap that is unsurpassed in its mildness and moisturizing capabilities. Hence the name "glycerin soap".

Why use glycerin soap instead of the soap from the grocery or drug store?

Soaps purchased at the grocery or drug store are typically made by the big commercial chemical and consumer products companies.  In commercial soap making, manufacturers may remove some or all of the glycerin for use in other cosmetic products like moisturizers, creams and other expensive beauty products.  The soap-product produced is altered by adding detergents or other chemical compounds that cleanse - but also strip skin of it natural moisture and oils.  Big consumer soap companies really win when we buy their detergent soap product that strips the skin - then buy the lotions and creams they make to replenish it!

Because of the way glycerin soap is made, it's not unusual that glycerin soap users discover they can skip the expensive moisturizers.  Their skin has never felt better!  That is why dermatologists recommend glycerin soap to their patients.  It has a silky, low-lather, is gently cleansing and contains no harsh detergents - it's exactly they way soap should be.

Getting back to basics, avoiding chemical skin care products...

The proliferation of chemicals in our products and foods, imports from the abroad, and the scaling of manufacturing technologies have made soap-like products for the masses.  These products are cheap and they clean, but the qualities of a 'real soap' have been lost. 

Even the latest trend in personal care - Moisturizing Body Wash - feels good and smells great.  But the list of chemical compounds they contain are unpronounceable.  We're starting to learn that constant exposure to chemicals, especially in those products we use on our skin, can effect our immune systems or result in a variety of symptoms, sensitivities and ailments.

At Tamarinda, we advocate the use of glycerin soap and other natural moisturizers like 100% shea butter and argan oil.  We research new glycerin soap formulations and ingredients to create the most comprehensive line of glycerin soap you'll find and we stand behind every bar.  We want you to LOVE YOUR SOAP!

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More glycerin soap benefits....

Eczema, psoriasis and sensitivity to fragrance: Thousands of Tamarinda customers have reported improvement in these skin conditions after using glycerin soap. Tamarinda offers a variety of unscented bath bars.

Sulfate free glycerin soap: There is a growing movement to reduce the amount of chemicals used in growing and ingredients of personal care products.  Tamarinda offers a full line of additive-free glycerin soap - we call it our 'Sensitive' formula  This formula is sulfate free (contains no SLS or SLES), paraben free and propylene glycol free.  We also have an Organic Oils based glycerin soap - this soap uses organically grown cocoa and palm oils as its main ingredients.  

As a shampoo:  Shampoos are especially loaded with detergents, silicone and other chemicals too hard to pronounce.  Our customers have told us that using glycerin soap as a shampoo has been incredible in leaving hair soft and smooth!  Scalp issues?  Most can be eliminated when using glycerin soap.  Dry scalp or forehead - shampoo with glycerin soap and it's gone!   We recommend our olive glycerin facial soap as a shampoo bar.

For Babies and kids:  Glycerin soap is also great for babies and children.  Yes, be careful around eyes, but it is better than a 'no more tears' formulation, which contains an actual anesthetic.

For Pets:  Pet skin is super-sensitive and most pet skin do not contain a high the level of natural oils.  Skip the chemical pet shampoos that leave your pet itchy and scratching!  Wash your pet with glycerin soap - see our pet care section.

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