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Tamarinda - who we are....

  • We are glycerin soap experts.  We research the most beneficial glycerin soap formulas and ingredients and bring them to our customers at affordable prices.  
  • We are a U.S., Family-Owned, Small Business.  Our materials are sourced from US companies. We do not resell cheap imported products of questionable origin or ingredients.
  • Founded in 2007, our products are hand-made in Austin, Texas.
  • We are dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of glycerin soap vs. commercially made detergent soaps, on our health, environment, and well-being.
  • We support the planet by offering our products in minimal, eco-friendly packaging.
  • Our passion is to delight our customers with superb glycerin soap products and give our customers the best customer service they've ever experienced.
about Tamarinda
Not only do we love the beauty, fragrance and feel of glycerin soap, we also believe in the benefits of using it.  We are advocates of the benefits of using this unique soap and also of reducing chemical exposure in our personal care products.  Tamarinda is constantly researching and testing new formulas and ingredients.  Our line has expanded to include sulfate-free and organic formulas, as well as a super emollient olive formula.  Fragrance used are all phthalate free, or pure, plant-based essential oils are added to fragrance our soap.  Unscented versions in all formulas are also a staple.
Since then, we've expanded our product line to include healthy, natural, earth-friendly products.  Look for our 100% shea butter, natural pet care, essential oils, and nutrtional super-foods like natural sea salts.    We source our raw materials from U.S. companies - not only to support our economy, but to ensure the highest product quality possible.  We will never sell our customers cheap, bulk-manufactured products made overseas, where ingredients, manufacturing methods and quality assurance is questionable or ecologically damaging to our planet.

Finding Tamarinda products in your area......

Due to the nature of our products, we've chosen to deliver our products directly to you. That ensures that our products will always be fresh and in excellent condition and keeps our prices as low as possible. So whereas you will not find us at your local retailers, you will always find our full line of products here at We're open 24/7, 365 days a year.
Did we mention we want to be your glycerin soap company for life?.......
We live for our products and our customers.  At Tamarinda, our customers are not a number in a database.  We write, we call, we share our experiences and ideas.  Our customers are our daily inspiration, and we are proud to call so many of them... Friends.
Sincerely,  Tina Juhl
Founder and CEO, Tamarinda LLC
Tina Juhl, President and CEO
about us - Tamarinda review

Share with us!

Since starting Tamarinda, we've been deeply touched and honored by the outpouring of encouragement and affection for our products that comes to us, unsolicited, from our customers. 
We are proud to share some of their comments with you....  Connect with us and keep sharing!
Well, it happened about 1 1/2 years ago. I severely burned myself with boiling water in an attempt to kill some fire ants.  I found an ant bed that continued on and on under the brick border I had put around my flower bed. Anger took over intellilgence and I boiled the largest deep "low country boil" pot I owned to kill all those vicious ants.  With rolling boiling water I carefully carried the the pot to where the ants were, to only trip on one of the bricks I had moved.  I fell on top of the pot on top of the huge ant bed. I rode the pot like a sled burning my chest until I let go putting my hands down into the accumulated water.  My left hand collapsed the ant bed with my weight and the hot water, so it sank in boiling mud. My right hand hit boiling water too but on solid ground. I crawled out with my right hand screaming for my husband's help.  He came running but when he saw me on my knees screaming, he froze.  I looked like my arms were melting off - big sheets of skin were hanging off from me as I waved my arms in circles trying to cool them.  He finally helped me stand by pulling me up by my arm pits. I still screamed, stuck my hands in cool water.  My chest, stomach and both arms were burnt.  My left hand had 3rd degree burns, my chest 2nd degree burns and my right arm 1st degree burns.  By the time I made it to the emergency room my left hand fingers looked like burnt bacon and the pain so severe that I did not realize how severely burned I was elsewhere. Morphine stopped my consciousness.
     I woke up 5 days later smelling bacon.  The nurse said it was my "pig skin" bandages.  I was in the Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, a miraculous place with excellent doctors and professional caring nurses.  As my skin healed underneath pigskin bandages, the pigskin would curl up and a nurse would clip off the hardened dried bandage to reveal new healthy skin.  What a miracle. My skin came back as before except for my left arm and hand.  That took the longest to heal.  When the bandages came off there, my arm and hand were smooth, soft and subtle - but dark, with tiny diamond shaped puckers that you couldn't really feel, but you could see. I asked my doctor what that was, and he said, "Pig skin." So I asked him what pig skin really was, and he said, "The skin of a pig. We have found that works better than anything else in restoring your own skin's ability to regenerate itself.  Your left hand and arm absorbed the pig skin because it was the most severely burned.  We did not graft cadaver skin onto you, only pig skin." Great, I really was wearing bacon!  
   Oh, but vanity thy name is woman. After a few months this feeling of gratitude slowly changed to annoyance.  My arm and hand filled out where the divets were and the swelling disapeared, but that deep brown color made me look like I was wearing a glove.  I slathered lotion 3 times a day and tons of sun-screen, but my dark arm stayed dark. 
    As always when I go through a crisis I throw myself into my work and visit family. Family is the best healing power of all.  In August 2007, I visited family in Austin, Texas.  Austin is a beautiful energizing green city.  While there, my relatives introduced me to Tamarinda  - 100% all natural glycerin soaps.  One lovely bar was called Ocean, another part of nature I cherish, so I bought it.  It smelled just like a clean ocean breeze and so pretty.  Well, it felt good.  That was all I expected. But something happened after a week of using it.  My left hand was lighter! Those diamond shaped "pig skin" remnants were going away from my fingers!  Just when I began to talk myself into accepting my ugly left hand Providence brings me to Tamarinda. My own skin is coming back!  This company is truthful when it says all natural. And it works!  My skin all over is softer, more subptle, and healthy looking.
The effect lasts.  No harsh anything is in these soaps.  Today my new left fingers look just like my right hand fingers.  I can wear my jewelry again without feeling self conscious.  Now I can see the top of my left hand is also going though this transformation.  And your Olive-oil facial soap I use on my face, I also have the hand soap on my sink. 
  I will take my discovery of Tamarinda to my doctor in the Burn Center in Augusta, as well as my allergist in Savannah, Ga.  There is nothing better than quality natural ingredients to help the human body heal- and at such a reasonable price!  Thank you, Tamarinda for giving me back my entire self.  Thank you for your honesty in advertising and producing your quality product at a price a teacher can afford. Thank you, God, for letting me find Tamarinda. LZ