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Sulfate Free Soap - what's the fuss?

What are sulfates? Sulfates are found in personal care and household products such as shampoo, toothpaste, bar soap, liquid soaps, shaving foam, body washes and skin cleansers. When sulfates are mixed with water, they foam and break down greasy substances.

Sulfates are derived in part from sulfur and lauryl alcohol (derived from coconut oil or other plant oils). The most common sulfates used in personal care products are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Sulfates have been extensively reviewed by Health Canada, the European Union and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consider SLS and SLES to be safe ingredients.

So what's the fuss? Simply put, a small percentage of people may experience skin irritation from sulfates, fragrances and other additives commonly found in soaps, shampoos, etc. Also, there is a growing movement of people who want to reduce exposure to any non-essential additives used in personal care products. For this reason, Tamarinda carries not only unscented glycerin soap, but also carry a full line of sulfate-free soap - we call it "Sensitive Formula".

Glycerin soap as a shampoo alternative

Shampoos are especially loaded with detergents, silicone and other chemicals too hard to pronounce. Using glycerin soap as a shampoo is a great way to avoid these chemicals - and it leaves hair incredibly soft and smooth! Scalp issues: Most can improve significantly when using glycerin soap as a shampoo. We recommend our Tamarinda Olive soap as a shampoo bar.

The mildest soap for Babies and Kids

Who wouldn't want to use the most gentle, natural soap available on babies and kid's sensitive skin? Did you know that 'no more tears' formulas contain and actual anesthetic? We recommend unscented always for babies - like our regular formula or sulfate free formula bars. 

Pet skin is very sensitive and does not contain a high level of natural oils. Skip the chemical shampoos that leave you pet itchy and scratching! Shampoo your pet with glycerin soap - see our pet care section.
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glycerin soap for babies

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