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Why Glycerin Soap?

What is Glycerin Soap & what are the benefits?

Glycerin soap is REAL soap - and by that we mean soap that is made the time-honored, traditional way by combining natural vegetable oils with lye. Ingredients like fragrance and additional glycerin are added to create this soap's beautiful, crystal-clear appearance and scent. Quality glycerin soap should contain no added ingredients such as harsh detergents, parabens, preservatives or other chemicals.  The real benefits of using glycerin soap become evident when we better understand how it is made vs. other 'soaps' out there.

All "Real" soaps, (including ours), starts with coconut and palm oils, although other oils like olive oil can be used. During the soap-making process, the vegetable oils interact with lye (sodium hydroxide) and are transformed into soap.... and glycerin. Glycerin is a vegetable oil and powerful humectant - a substance that attracts and retains moisture. When glycerin is allowed to remain in the soap, it makes a gentle and well balanced soap. When even more glycerin is added to the soap, it creates a clear, transparent soap that is unsurpassed in its mildness and moisturizing capabilities. Hence the name "glycerin soap".

Glycerin Soap vs. Grocery and Drug Store Brands

Grocery store and Drug store soaps are typically made by the big commercial chemical and consumer products companies. In fact, many of these products are so adulterated, that we prefer to call me 'soap products'. In commercial soap making, manufacturers remove some, or all, of the glycerin for use in other cosmetic products like moisturizers, creams and other expensive beauty products. The 'soap product" products is altered by adding detergents or other chemicals to cleanse, but also strip skin of its natural moisture and oils. Big brands really win when customers buy their detergent soap products that dry out the skin - then buy their lotions and creams to replenish it.

Because of the way glycerin soaps are make, it is not unusual that users discover they can skip the expensive moisturizers. Their skin has never felt better!  Its low, silky lather is gently cleansing and contains no harsh detergents - it's exactly the way 'soap' should be.

Back to Basics - Avoiding Chemical Concoctions

The proliferation The latest trend in personal care - Liquid Body Washes - look and smell good. BUT, the list of chemical compounds they contain are frightening. We're now learning that exposure to chemicals in our personal care products is absorbed by our skin, can effect the immune system, or result in a variety of symptoms, sensitivities and ailments. So skip the concoctions, and rediscover... real soap.
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Glycerin soap - Dermatologist Recommended

Why do Doctors, Dermatologists and Allergists recommend glycerin soap? Given the way this soap is made, it's no surprise that the medical community recommends it.
  • Breast cancer patients: If you are a cancer patient undergoing radiation treatment, your doctor may be recommending unscented glycerin soap for you. It is a super-mild, non-irritation soap that is gentle on delicate skin stressed by radiation treatments.
  • Use an unscented bar if you are undergoing chemotherapy or have allergic or asthmatic sensitivity to fragrance.
  • Eczema, psoriasis and roseacea: Tamarinda customers have reported improvement in these skin conditions after using glycerin soap. Again, we recommend using an unscented version for any of these conditions on the chance that fragrance is triggering irritation.
  • Low Testosterone - avoid all personal care products that contain sulfates wherever possible (more on sulfates below). Tamarinda now stocks an entire line of sulfate free glycerin soap!

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